NCMA Resources for Contractors

We recently learned about some new resources made available to contractors in the residential market. NCMA has created two new resources to help Certified SRW contractors explain the system basics and the necessity to select qualified contractors to homeowners, whom are looking to have non-engineered walls installed. As a certified SRW Installer, we encourage you to distribute these resources with your proposals to help your customers understand your certification and set you apart from your competitors. 

These documents can be purchased from NCMA or you can download and print them yourself!

  • Segmental Retaining Walls - Residential Applications: A guide for residential retaining wall systems: This 6-page resource for homeowners explains the basics of SRW systems, material and design requirements, and installer recommended qualifications. Hardcopies can be purchased in sets of 10 for $10.90/package plus shipping and handling.
  • Selecting the Correct Installer for Segmental Retaining Walls: A guide for segmental retaining wall residential projects: This 1-page trifold is a resource for NCMA Certified SRW Installers to educate homeowners about the importance of selecting a qualified contractor for the job. This guide also discusses certification about what to ask a contractor during the bidding process. Hardcopies can be purchased in sets of 10 for $5.65/package plus shipping and handling. 

If you would like to order hard copies, please contact Miranda Knipple at or 703-713-1900. We encourage you to continue working towards differentiating yourself and your company from the competition! 

Cambridge Clinic New Product Showcase

February 23, 2017 from 10AM to 2PM
Lancaster Farms - Administration Office

We are excited to kick off our monthly contractor events for 2017 with the Cambridge Clinic! Do not miss out on a BONUS COUPON WORTH UP TO $450.00 and a ton of informative information to help grow your business! 

Lunch will be provided for attendees. Please register by emailing the Stone Team or call us at (757) 484-4421.

Offer Same-as-Cash Financing with Belgard Preferred Payment

It's commonplace in our industry to be able to accept credit card payments for large jobs. But what if you could offer same-as-cash financing? Belgard® Preferred Payment is a benefit available to Belgard Authorized Contractors that can transform your selling approach in 2017. 

Not currently a Belgard® Authorized Contractor? The Stone Team at Lancaster Farms can help you get there. Send the Stone Team an email at to start a conversation.

Quick Facts: 

  • Same-as-Cash Financing Program for 3, 6, 12, and 18 month options
  • Loan amounts from $1,000 to $55,000
  • No paperwork - quick, easy and safe toll-free loan-by-phone application process that takes less than 15 minutes for the homeowner
  • Easy application process for the contractor to sign up for the program
  • No risk to the contractor

Getting Started:

  • Belgard® Preferred Payments helps set you apart from everyone else walking in the door. Even if you think your client would never need financing, it's the fact that you, a Belgard® Authorized Contractor, are backed by a financial institution. This gives you immediate credibility.
  • Clients who use financing typically do have the money to pay. However, they like the opportunity to manage their cash flow - which makes financing so appealing to our target customers. They understand the value and typically prefer that option over paying in one sum.
  • Belgard® Preferred Payment also gives the contractor the ability to upsell. The client may have a certain budget amount because they didn't know the possibilities of outdoor living. By giving them a same-as-cash option, you are allowing them to dream big.

This program is a gateway to increasing your revenue stream in 2017. Contact us today to learn more about this program or about becoming a Belgard® Authorized Contractor. We are happy to meet one-on-one to discuss the details of this incredible marketing tool. 

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