Inventory Highlights for Week 18, 2018

Great looking plant material the for the ground or the shelves


Plenty of Spring Color to go around.

Beautiful plants, ready for jobs, ready for retail

We hope you are enjoying this warm weather. Check out these beauties now in our availability. From trees to shrubs to flowers, we have what you need for a successful season.


Beautiful foliage with bright red berries make Eagleston Holly stand out. A short, pyramidal tree ideal for a privacy screen, hedge, or foundation plant, these are in a 30 gallon can and are 6-8' tall.


Revered in Japan and China, Podocarpus Macrophyllus is an elegant shrub that features slender strap-shaped leaves and provides a unique aesthetic to the landscape. Ours are in a 3 gallon can and 24-30" tall.


Looking like an intimidating D-line, our Arborvitae Emerald Green are athletes in the landscape. We have them in a 6 gallon can and are around 36" tall.


Otto Luyken Laurel is a dwarf variety of the stately English Laurel. Dense lush foliage provides a backdrop for its showy white spiked flowers. We carry these in a 6 gallon can at 18-21" tall.


A hardy and upright handsome shrub, Laurel Schipkaensis is an ideal plant for offering privacy without completely blocking the view. Our selection is in a 6 gallon can and are 36+" tall.

These plants are just a sampling of our overall availability. Check out everything we have below.

Planning for Spring Seasonal Color

On the tails of another successful year at MANTS, we are ready to start planning for seasonal color! The Spring Color Guide can be viewed on our website, and you can pick up a copy in the Plant Center or from your LF sales team member. 

We have 115 varieties of seasonal color this year, including flowers suited for full sun, part sun/part shade, as well as drought tolerant for our area of Tidewater. 

What's Future Ordering?

If you've been a customer of Lancaster Farms for some time, you've probably heard something about future ordering. But what the heck is it? Future ordering is a service for our wholesale customers. You provide us with a list of all of the spring flowers you will need this coming season. This works for you in a couple ways:

  • We can confirm that you will get the exact varieties that you need; you won't have to think about substitutions or dealing with disappointed homeowners.
  • Plan ahead for your business needs for spring and get all of your seasonal color plant material from one source. This can save you so much time! Time = money.
  • All future orders are managed by our inventory manager to ensure orders are fulfilled as we work through our inventory.

We want to set your business up for the best spring season yet! Future ordering is a solution that we think all of our customers should take advance of. No order is too big or too small!

The key to future ordering for annuals is planning early, so contact us at (757) 484-4421 to get started!

Search on Availability: Pet. Easy Wave Violet  Petunia hybrida x 'Easy Wave Violet'

Search on Availability: Pet. Easy Wave Violet
Petunia hybrida x 'Easy Wave Violet'