Our REGRIND is 100% Lancaster Farms

John loading scoops of regrind at the Plant Center.

John loading scoops of regrind at the Plant Center.

Lancaster Farms regrind is a blend of everything we put into our plants, including the plant!

Our regrind is compost-like and provides optimal growing conditions for high-performing landscape plants. Use our regrind for soil amendment and when you find yourself dealing with heavy clay, the regrind will provide the ideal environment for strengthening the roots of fresh-installed plants.

Need to find out how much you need for your upcoming jobs? Click the link below to estimate your projects.

Week 49: Trees, Annuals, and Mulch


December is here!

We can make your Winter planting and prep work easier, with our availability of evergreen shrubs, trees, and annual color for your final jobs of the year. Simplify your workflow by ordering online and picking up instead of waiting in line.


Now is the perfect time to plant trees.

We have a wide variety of trees in availability for your final jobs of the year. Check out our tree availability and get 'em in the ground.


Cool Colors

Fall annuals are still going strong and will last all throughout the cold! Pick up some "paint" for your landscape canvas.


It's time to winterize beds.

You don't have to drive all over Hampton Roads to get your materials. We have plenty of mulch to insulate beds. Whether it's plants, mulch, tools, pavers, we have what you need to complete your jobs.

Providing Service and Material for your Fall Season


We make it easy for Fall planting and prep.

The temps are getting cooler and Fall colors are emerging. Smart plant folks know that now is the perfect time to prepare for the colder weather. From installing color annuals to planting spring blooming bulbs to prepping those beds with quality mulch, Lancaster Farms provides the service and material you need for a successful Fall season.


We have several varieties of Camellias bursting with buds and blooms, most of them being hardy to Zone 6A.


We know it looks like a bag of potatoes, but plant these now for beautiful early Spring blooms. We have Daffodils and Tulips from Netherland Bulb Company.


Fall is time for final bed prep. We have plenty of high quality mulch here on the farm. Save a trip or save a truck, get more than just plants with Lancaster Farms.