5 Plant Center Counter Services You Don't Know About

At Lancaster Farms, our customers always come first. Your name and reputation is on the line with every job and with every order. We are always striving to create processes to help your business grow and serve you better.

Here are 5 services our Plant Center counter team does that you might not know about. 

  1. Custom Photo Service
    Sometimes an availability list just isn't enough. Want a picture of a crop? Just ask and we'll run out to the field, take a picture, and sent it your way.
  2. Job Quote on Plant Material
    Providing a detailed price quote to a customer is a time-consuming task, especially during your busy months. It can slow down your work flow. Call us with your plant list and we can get that quote to you.
  3. Flexible Delivery Options
    We're flexible and responsive. We're better at delivery for three reasons: 1) we have a great system, 2) our location lets us react faster due to our proximity to market, and 3) we've invested in the equipment and manpower to ensure we get the right plant to the right place at the right time.
  4. Phone & Email Ordering Options
    Don't wait until you get to the farm to place your order. Simply call ahead! We can take your order by phone, email or fax - whatever is most efficient for you. When you place your order in advance, we pull your plants and have them ready for you to pickup. 
  5. Efficient Farm Pickup
    If you can't call ahead your order (we know it happens!) we do everything we can to get you in and out as efficiently as possible. If you only need three Nandina shrubs, we will radio out to our team and they can bring up those three plants while you're checking out at the counter.

Lancaster Farms can be your biggest business resource! Take advantage of these services today. Call us at 757-484-4421 to speak with our sales staff. 

Click Photo for Online Availability   Search:  Nandina Blush Pink

Click Photo for Online Availability
Search: Nandina Blush Pink