Wise Words from Charlie

Our team just returned from Cultivate 16, the largest horticulture industry conference in North America. We are all buzzing with ideas from the education sessions and networking with industry professionals. 

As I was searching for some information related to IPPS, I came across a short paper written by Charlie himself. When you think you have it tough, read his words.

So You Think You Have It Tough Now
By Charlie Parkerson

In the late 1960’s we grew most of our crop in recycled metal food cans. The cans were purchased from a pie factory, military bases and schools. I cannot really remember what a full 1-gallon can cost, but it was around three cents, while a 5-gallon egg can cost about 25 cents. Prior to potting plants in the cans, we had to protect the metal from rusting. Most of the time we used road tar diluted with low flash-point Varsol, a solvent used for cleaning auto parts and tools. Varsol was also used in the dry cleaning industry. We purchased both the tar and Varsol in 55 gallon drums. The cans were hand dipped into the tar, stacked and allowed to dry. It usually took a crew of four people all day to prepare enough cans for one day’s potting.

It's good to remember where we came from. Here's Art and Charlie at the farm.