Fall 2016 ColorBook

Even though it's the dead of summer, it's time to start planning for fall annuals! Fall 2016 ColorBook just arrived at the Plant Center. Pick up your copy along with our Fall Annuals Order Form. Click the button below to view our annuals online. 


Pansy Blue Light True Delta
Pansy Blue True Delta
Pansy Blue w/ Blotch Delta
Pansy Lav-Blue Shades Delta
Pansy Mix Autumn Blaze Matrix
Pansy Mix Blotch Premium Delta
Pansy Mix Citrus Delta
Pansy Mix Cotton Candy Delta
Pansy Mix Knotts Neck Matrix
Pansy Mix Lancaster Farms Mix
Pansy Mix Pure Color Delta
Pansy Delta Spirit Mix
NEW! Pansy Mix Topaz Garnet
Pansy Delta Watercolors Mix
Pansy Matrix Orange
NEW! Pansy Pink Shades Matrix Impv
Pansy Purple Beaconsfield
Pansy Matrix Purple
Pansy Red Delta
Pansy Red w/ Blotch Delta
Pansy Rose Pure Delta
Pansy White Pure Matrix
Pansy White w/ Blotch Delta
Pansy Yellow Lemon Delta
Pansy Yellow Primrose Delta
Pansy Yellow Pure Delta
Pansy Delta Yellow/Purple Wing
Pansy Delta Yellow w/ Blotch


Viola Endurio Lavender
Viola Penny Lane Mix
Viola Sorbet Blue Heaven
Viola Sorbet White
Viola Sorbet Yellow

Cabbage and Kale

Cabbage Red Osaka
Cabbage White Osaka
Kale Peacock Red
Kale Peacock White
Kale Red Kamone
Kale White Nagoya

Snapdragon Mixes

Snapdragon Snapshot Autumn Mix
Snapdragon Snapshot Berry Cream
Snapdragon Liberty Mix
Snapdragon Speedy Sonnet Mix