Perennials Hot List 5/31/16

Every week, check back here for our newest addition to the blog: the Perennials Hot List. These are retail-ready plants in their peak. Our sales staff have walked the fields and you can trust that these plants are ready to hit the shelves or beautify a landscape. 

Make sure to act fast - these flowers are ready now!

Achillea Little Moonshine
Achillea Moonshine Yellow
Agastache Blue Fortune
Astilbe Little Visions in Pink
Astilbe Visions in Pink
Astilbe Visions Purp-Red
Campanula Rapido White
Clem. Paniculata / White
Coreopsis Little Bird
Coreopsis Mercury Rising
Coreopsis Rosea Am. Dream
Coreopsis Sunfire
Coreopsis Zagreb Yellow
Day Apricot Siloam Dbl Classic
Day Lavender Plum Perfect
Day Lavender Purple D' Oro
Day Orange LeeBea Orange Crush
Day Orange Leprechauns Wealth
Day Pink Chorus Line
Day Pink Miss Tinkerbelle
Day Red Frankly Scarlet
Day White Lullaby Baby
Day White Pandora's Box
Day Yellow Going Bananas
Day Yellow Happy Returns
Day Yellow Stella D' Oro
Delosperma Coop. Purple
Delosperma Fire Spinner
Delosperma Mesa Verde Pink
Delosperma Moonshine White
Delosperma Nub. Yellow
Digitalis Foxlight Rose Ivory
Digitalis Foxlight Ruby Glow
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow
Euphorbia Red Velvet
Fern Athyrium Ghost
Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades
Gaillardia Mesa Yellow
Grass Acorus Ogon
Grass Carex Blue Zinger
Grass Cortaderia Dwarf Pampas
Grass Miscanthus Adagio Dwarf
Grass Miscanthus Gracillimus

Grass Muhlenbergia Capillaris
Grass Pennisetum Karly Rose
Grass Pennisetum Rub Fireworks
Grass Pennisetum Rubrum
Grass Pennisetum Sky Rocket
Heuchera Frosted Violet / Pink
Heuchera Grape Expectations
Heuchera Midnight Rose
Heuchera Palace Purple
Heuchera Silver Scrolls
Hostas - All Varieties
Houttuynia Chameleon
Hypericum Hidcote
Lantana Chapel Hill Gold
Lantana Miss Huff
Lavandula Phenomenal
Lavandula Silver Edge
Lavandula Silver Strands
Leucanthemum Banana Cream
Leucanthemum Becky-White
Leucanthemum Daisy May
Leucanthemum Snow Cap
Lithodora Grace Ward Blue
Monarda Balmy Lilac
Phlox CS Bubblegum Pink
Phlox CS Coral Creme Drop
Phlox CS Cotton Candy
Phlox CS Grape Lollipop
Platycodon Sentimental Blue
Polemonium Strway to Heavn
Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash
Rosemary Prostratus Blue
Rudbeckia Goldstrum Yellow
Salvia Black & Blue
Sedum John Creech
Sedum Pure Joy
Sedum Sieboldii Pink
Verbena Endura Hot Pink
Verbena Endura Lavender
Verbena Endura Red
Verbena Homestead Purple
Veronica Royal Candles

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