Inventory Update: Blooming Perennials

Matt Nagle updated our perennial numbers with some varieties coming into bloom. This is absolutely my favorite time of year! Take a look at what's got color out in the field. 

Achillea Moonshine Yellow - Achillea is easy to grow and drought-tolerant once established. Great for attracting pollinators, but not pesky deer and other critters. Blooms all summer long in full sun.

Echinacea - These showy flowers are available in several colors and match well with many landscape designs. Excellent plant!

Gaura Siskiyou Pink - Brilliant reddish-pink flowers with bronzy foliage. Attractive border perennial.

Iris Siberian Caesar's Brother - Siberian irises have a flatter profile than the German varieties, and bloom from spring into summer. Unique, tall blade-like foliage.

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