DropStop: We Bring the Plants to You

We get it. If you're a landscaper in Virginia Beach or Williamsburg, driving to Suffolk is like driving cross country. It's time consuming to pick up your plants at our main farm. 

DropStop is your solution. We have a truck that delivers plants throughout the week to a pick up location so you save money, save time, and get your jobs done faster at a price you can afford. That's a win-win!

DropStop Service to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg

The DropStop is our extended service for local customers that aren't within close driving distance to our main farm. Place your order by 12:00 noon the previous day to get plants brought to Virginia Beach or Williamsburg on our DropStop truck. $35 flat rate for delivery.

Virginia Beach: Monday - Friday @ Landscape Supply ( 513 Viking Dr, Virginia Beach )

Williamsburg: Wednesdays @ Comfort Inn ( 331 Bypass Rd, Williamsburg )

Have a question about the DropStop? Call Donna Burgess at 757-484-4421 or email her at donna@lancasterfarms.com